The best oxygen-rich foods that will increase the oxygen in your body :Source of Oxygen

Hello friends, today we will tell you about 10 such fruits and foods that supply oxygen to your body so that there is no lack of oxygen in your body. You all will know how important oxygen is to our body and there is no life without oxygen.


And we will tell you about the lack of oxygen and tell you how you have to maintain oxygen in the body and you will know that corona is the disease that attacks your respiratory system and which causes lack of oxygen in your body And everywhere in this corona period, people are losing their lives due to lack of oxygen. In such a situation, everyone thinks about how their oxygen levels are under control. So, we are telling you about some such home remedies. In which eating some things will be better for your oxygen level.
Which foods do you need to include in your diet to increase oxygen supply in your blood? So let’s know

The best oxygen-rich foods

  1. Lemon
  2. Berries
  3. Dates
  4. Carrots
  5. Avocadoes
  6. Banana
  7. Celery
  8. Garlic
  9. Currants
  10. Spinach
  11. Broccoli
  12. Watermelon
  13. Kiwi
  14. Capsicum
  15. Pineapple
  16. Vegetable Juices
  17. Apple


Lemon is the top oxygen-rich food. Although they are acidic outside the body, they become alkaline within the body. Lemon has electrolytic properties that make it an excellent alkaline food. And lemon is a vitamin C-rich fruit and is one of the best tonics for the liver as it helps to cleanse and activate this vital organ.


Berries are very beneficial for our bodies. Berries are oxygen-rich and highly antioxidant fruit and the pH of berries is 8. It has high antioxidant properties in the following foods – Bananas, Carrots, Currants, Celery, Avocadoes, Dates, and garlic


Recent research suggests that spinach is very high in iron content. The iron present in spinach helps in carrying oxygen throughout the body, besides iron, it is also rich in phytonutrients.

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