Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Tea in winters And its beneficial to our body

Yellow lemon protects us from many diseases. Lemon proves to be better for every season. But the method of using it should be different. Whether it is winter or summer, the properties of lemon are very beneficial for our body. Vitamin C is found in plenty in it. It protects us from heatstroke, lack of water, diarrhea, etc., and also relieves problems like cough and cold in winter.


Let’s know the benefits of lemon tea

Benefits of lemon tea in cough

Cough is common in winter, but there is a sore throat before the cough starts, if we adopt some home remedies at that time, we can stop the cough from increasing. Drink lemon tea after a sore throat, it will give relief to the throat and will not cause cough.

Benefits of lemon tea in winter
Lemon will get its benefits in the same way you use it. Drinking lemon tea gives us many benefits.

      • Vitamin C is found in abundance in lemon, when we drink lemon tea, it supplies vitamin C in our body.
      • Lemon tea strengthens immunity which helps us to fight against diseases.
      • Lemon tea helps to keep digestion right.
      • It is perfect for weight loss.
      • People who consume lemon tea get rid of heart attack and heart-related diseases.
      • There is protection from cold and cough.
      • If you have a sore throat, drink lemon tea, it is beneficial.

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How to make lemon tea?

It is very easy to make lemon tea, in a few minutes we can prepare lemon tea and enjoy it, so let’s know how to make lemon tea-

      • Add a glass of water to the pan.
      • Add tea leaf and sugar.
      • After this add ginger and black pepper.
      • If there is a sore throat, you can add some salt to it.
      • Allow the tea to cook.
      • After cooking, take it off the gas stove.
      • After removing, squeeze a lemon into it.
      • Drain it and do not let it cool. Drink lukewarm.

Disadvantages of lemon tea

Use anything properly, it is beneficial, but it can also cause harm if taken incorrectly, let’s know about the loss of lemon tea-

      • Do not drink water immediately after drinking tea can cause cough.
      • Do not consume excessive lemon tea as excessive intake will increase the amount of stomach acid. This can increase the problem.
      • Those patients who have stomach ulcers do not consume lemon tea.

Do not drink tea in the morning on an empty stomach

Many people have this habit that they like to drink tea as soon as they get up, but this is completely wrong. We should never drink tea on an empty stomach. In the morning, first of all, drink lukewarm water. Never drink tea in bed. Can have some breakfast with tea.

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Disadvantages of drinking empty stomach tea

      • There may be a gas problem.
      • Loss of appetite
      • Having acidity.
      • Blood pressure may be imbalanced.
      • Can cause dizziness.
      • Breathing and heart rate may be affected.

Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take them as advice of any doctor or medical professional. In the case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor.

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