Sleeping Tips: How much sleep should you take? And the advantages and disadvantages of sleep

By getting good sleep, our body remains fit and our working power also increases. If we get less than 2 hours of sleep at night, our body can experience many side effects. For example, sadness, mental tension, low brain walking, fear, anxiety, and depression can also cause sleep due to poor brain, and many types of bad thoughts also come.



Lack of sleep can also be a disease. Insomnia is called insomnia. In this, the person does not sleep. Because of the changing lifestyle, many changes have taken place in our lives, due to the run-of-the-mill life, over-functioning and changing food habits are also causing sleep problems. Due to increased functioning, you are unable to sleep on time, due to which stress also increases and many difficulties have to be faced. Due to being constantly on social media, people keep looking at their mobiles for many hours and due to this they stay awake for a long time, then they have to face a lot of trouble sleeping because they do not sleep.

Disadvantages of less sleep

There are many disadvantages to getting less sleep.

  1. Irritability
  2. Getting  angry
  3. The problem of forgetting may increase.
  4. You can also be a victim of depression.
  5. Fear
  6. Dark circles begin to form under the eyes.
  7. Mindless work
  8. Have poor immunity
  9. the sadness
  10. Anxiety
  11. mental stress
  12. Insomnia
  13. Getting less sleep also increases the risk of road accidents.

How much sleep should you take?

According to a study, a person should sleep according to his condition.

  • The baby should sleep for 14 to 17 hours, but the newborn can sleep for 19 hours.
  • A normal adult must sleep at least 7 to 9 hours more than this and not sleep less than this.
  • Sleep in the elderly or old age person for 7 to 8 hours. According to him, this is the right time to sleep.

What to do if you do not sleep?

You can do this remedy if you do not sleep.

  1. If you are sleeping and it is too late, yet you are not sleeping, then you leave your body completely loose and do not think about anything. Feel as if you are in a dark room and swinging on a swing. Doing this will make you sleepy in a while.
  2. You can also listen to sleep music for good sleep. This will help a lot in getting good sleep.
  3. If we do not move our bodies for 15 minutes at bedtime, then we feel sleepy on our own.
  4. Do not take any sleeping medicine or sleeping pills without a doctor’s advice if you do not sleep, this can aggravate the problem.
  5. If you are having a lot of problems due to sleeplessness and you are very upset for a long time, then consult your doctor immediately.

Benefits of getting a lot of sleep

  1. Getting good sleep keeps the mind fresh.
  2. The brain starts working fast.
  3. Get rid of heart diseases and reduce the amount of cholesterol.
  4. Memory becomes fast and learning ability becomes very good.
  5. That immunity is good and stays healthy.
  6. There are no dark circles under the eyes.

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