Give juice to the children and feed them fruit, which will provide full nutrition.- Juice benefits.

Some children prefer to drink juice instead of breakfast or eat fruit at any time. Parents are also satisfied that the child drank something nutritious. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, eating fruit is more beneficial than drinking juice. The amount of juice also varies according to each age.

According to many researchers Steven Abrams, after the juice of the fruits comes out, the amount of vitamins and fiber in them decreases, which causes damage to the teeth.

Ohio’s Family Physician Garryleroi admitted that taking too many things is harmful.

He described the 5-2-1-0 formula as useful for children to eat.


  • Eating fruits and vegetables five times a day
  • Gadget usage less than 2 hours
  • One hour of physical activity
  • Absolutely zero sugar drink. If you want to drink juice, then try not to have water, it should be 100% juice.

How much juice should be given to children?

  • This amounts to about 2 liters a day for fixed school-going students of 7-18 years.
  • 4-6-year-olds in half to one cup volume.
  • Babies should not be fed juice at all.

What to drink other than juice?

Apart from fruit juice, soup, milk, coconut water, buttermilk, lemonade or fruit raita can also be taken. You can also eat ice cream or cake prepared from fruits at home.

Vegetable Soup Nutritious

Instead of juice in the form of a liquid diet, children can be given a raita or lukewarm soup of vegetables prepared from fruits. The nature of the fruit is to be eaten directly by breaking and washing it from the tree, but we have done the method of experimentation according to our convenience.

Sieve fresh juice of fruits without filtering the blisters in the mouth of the children, any dental disease, or if they are unable to eat at any stage. This will keep the number of nutritious elements in it.

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