How to take care of eyes at any stage of life: Eyes Care

The eyes are one of the most special and delicate parts of our body. If they are not taken care of, then a little trouble can become a problem for a lifetime, but people do not pay as much attention to the health of the eyes as they should. This is the reason that earlier eye problems were seen more among people who have crossed the age of 40, now children of younger age are also suffering from many eye diseases. To avoid these, it is important to regularly check and treat the eyes regularly, eat nutritious foods and change your lifestyle.


Eyecare in childhood

After childbirth, karate should be checked by a blind specialist before being discharged from the hospital. This may catch any congenital problem. If you do not do so for any reason, do a thorough eye checkup before sending the child to school. If the child’s eyesight is weak, he is worn with the correct number of glasses, otherwise permanently weakened, which is called amblyopia.

  • Any type of problem in the eyes of a newborn baby, such as swelling of the eyelids, watery eyes, closure of the tube of tears, etc. can be treated with medicines by treating them at the right time.
  • Regularly check the eyes of children who are underweight and born prematurely. Must give vitamin A supplements to newborns. Lack of it can cause night blindness in the child.
  • Keep children away from sharp objects or toys.
  • Do not let children watch them on the computer or TV screen for long.
  • Do not let dust, mud, and Tejas play. • Do not let children bend, always use a table chair.
  • The focusing power of your eyes is limited: So let the children take a five-minute break after every half an hour.
  • In children, if there are symptoms of head and eye pain, and more eyelid blinks, then check with a doctor immediately.

Eyecare at young age

Irregular lifestyle and wrong eating habits, late-night computer work and pollution are causing many eye problems. Computers today are a special part of the personal, professional, and social life of the youth. 60 percent of the youth’s time is spent on computers. Therefore, computer vision syndrome and dry eye problems are increasing among the youth.

  • While working on the computer, do not hold the eyelid on the screen for a long time, keep them blinking. This causes tears in the eyes, keeps them moist, and protects them from dryness.
  • Take a break of 20 seconds every 20 minutes and look somewhere 20 feet away. Then start work again.
  • Do not read in low light and in a moving vehicle at all.
  • To avoid ultraviolet rays of dirt and sun, apply good quality glasses while going out.
  • There can be many reasons for having dark circles in young age, but the main reason is that more time looking at mobile screen causes dark circles at a young age.

Eye care after 40

This time is very delicate. Many eye-related problems, including cataracts, glaucoma, visual impairment (ARND-as-related macular degeneration), and diabetic retinal thpar occur. To avoid and prevent these diseases, it is necessary that people above 40 years of age get their eyes checked every year. If age is getting weaker then there are signs of it. If you have been taking sugar, blood pressure, thyroid, anemia, or joint pain medicine for a long time, then they can also have a bad effect on the eyes.

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Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take these as the advice of any doctor or medical professional. In the case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor.


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