Dark circles under eyes home remedy and How to get rid of dark circles permanently

Dark circles not only reduce your beauty but also spoil your poor health and irregular routine. This beautiful face also looks tired and withered. Dark circles are medically called periorbital hyperpigmentation. If you are getting complete sleep, eating nutritious food, yet have dark circles then it can be a sign of a serious health problem. This is a common problem in men and women, but when they encamp around the eyes in childhood or puberty, they become a cause for concern.


Why are there dark circles on the face

Often people think that the dark circles under their eyes are due to lack of sleep, fatigue, or staring at the computer screen for hours. Studies have shown that dark circles can also occur due to anemia, liver diseases, and dehydration.

Growing age is a network of small blood vessels under our skin. The skin under our eyes is extremely thin and soft. As we age, this skin becomes thinner, its collagen is destroyed, due to which the blood vessels are clearly visible, giving the appearance of dark circles. Sometimes these are not dark circles, but the pits under the eyes with an aging look similar to dark circles.

  • Dark circles due to nutritional deficiency
    Lack of nutrients in the body also creates dark circles around the eyes. A nutritious and balanced diet, which contains vitamins A, C, K, E, and other nutrients, helps in getting rid of dark circles.
  • Lack of sleep and fatigue
    Due to lack of sleep and excessive fatigue, the skin becomes pale, whose blood vessels are more clearly visible or more blue and black.
  • Smoking or alcohol consumption
    Waking up late at night, smoking, and drinking alcohol affects your skin badly, resulting in dark circles under the eyes.
  • Spend more time in the sunlight
    Pigmentation increases in the skin due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Due to this, melanin formation around the eyes is also more than normal, due to which dark circles are formed.
  • Hormone changes
    The problem of hormonal changes is much higher in women than in men. During menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, there is a hormonal change in the body of women, due to which dark circles under the eyes also occur.
  • Due to allergies
    Dark circles also occur due to allergies. Several studies have shown that dark circles in children are related to food allergies.
  • Dark circles due to anemia
    Iron deficiency is a major cause of dark circles. To avoid anemia, eat food that is rich in iron such as red meat, whole grains, bread, eggs, dry fruits, liver, and green 1. Leafy vegetables, peas, almonds, apricots, beans, and raisins, etc.
  • Dark circles due to dehydration
    Due to excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine, there is a lack of water in the body, due to which the skin around the eyes becomes darker. To avoid dehydration, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, eat fresh and juicy fruits, and reduce or not consume tea, coffee and alcohol.
  • Dark circles due to liver diseases
    Dark circles can also be a sign of severe liver diseases such as hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, etc.
  • Genetic cause
    Consumption of medicines that dilate blood vessels and cause darkening of the skin around the eyes.

What should we do to prevent dark circles?

It is more important than reducing or correcting dark circles that are not allowed to happen. This will not only make our eyes and face look beautiful but our health will also be better.

  • Eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamin K and iron such as green leafy vegetables, beans, and non-vegetarian food.
  • Vitamin ‘A’ is very useful for eye health. It is found in plenty of milk and milk products, fish eggs, fruits, and green leafy vegetables.
  • Sleep on time at night and wake up early in the morning.
  • drink plenty of water.
  • Vitamin supplements can also be taken on a doctor’s advice.


Home Remedies for Dark Circles

If the dark circles are light, then they are possible to cure them by adopting some home remedies. This will reduce the dark circles and provide relief to the eyes.

  • Mix almond oil and honey well and apply it around the eyes before sleeping and leave it on all night.
  • Make a paste of fresh mint leaves and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply this mixture on the black circles for 10-15 minutes daily.
  • Add potato and cucumber juice, soak cotton in it and keep it on the eyes for about 20 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.
  • Soak the cucumber slices or tea bag and keep it on the eyes for about 20 minutes, then wash the eyes with cold water.
  • Grate a raw potato and apply it to dark circles. After half an hour washes your eyes with cold water and applies a moisturizer.
  • Massage around the eyes with almond or olive oil with light hands helps in blood circulation and reduces eye fatigue.


If you have a dark circle, then take care of these things as well

  • Do exercise and yoga, especially pranayama; It is very good for skin health.
  • Eat less salt in your diet. Excess salt stops the fluids in the body, making the eyes swollen and forming bags under them.
  • Modern research has revealed that green tea is beneficial for the eyes. It contains antioxidants called catechins, which protect the eyes.
  • Apply creams around the eyes at night with lightning agents such as Kojic acid and Arnstein.
  • Get comfortable sleep for six to eight hours, it helps to keep your eyes fresh in a natural way.
  • Do not do eye work till late at night.
  • Do not let the lack of nutrients in the body, especially vitamin K and water, due to their deficiency, become dark circles.
  • Protect your eyes from the rays of the sun, and apply sun-glasses whenever the sun comes out.
  • Massage the eyes around the eyes with a moisturizer containing vitamin K and ‘E’. Wash your eyes with cold water two or three times a day, this will maintain the freshness and glow of the eyes.


Treatment of dark circles

There are many treatments available today that can completely get rid of dark circles. These treatments depend on what causes these dark circles.

First of all, see a good dermatologist so that its cause can be understood. After that choose their treatment option. Do any treatment under the supervision of a good dermatologist. If the dark circles are not too dark then the doctor can give you any under-eye gel or cream, which has to be applied to the dark circles around the eyes before going to sleep at night.

Laser resurfacing and intense pulsed light treatment, chemical peels, injectable dermal filler procedures, and fat transfer methods are being used prominently for the treatment of dark circles. If the cause of dark circles is a serious health problem, then treatment is done keeping that disease in mind. By the way, most dark circles under the eyes have no medical reason, they can be cured by making changes in lifestyle and with home remedies.

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