Health tips: Benefits of Green Tea and its good for health

Green-tea has emerged as the most popular drink in recent years. Several studies have shown that green tea is not just a beverage, if it is consumed properly it acts as a health tonic. There is no doubt that green tea is very beneficial, but many people are consuming it in excessive amounts and without thinking. How many cups of green tea to consume in a day, when and when not to consume it, which people should avoid it, these are some things, it is very important to be aware.

Not only taste, but also health. Green tea contains antioxidants called vitamin B, manganese, potassium, magnesium, caffeine and catechins. It is used as a medicine in traditional treatment in China. According to health experts, green tea is the new super food. Although technically, green tea is not food, but health experts and Naturopathy believe that green tea is very useful for our health. It has a very low calorie content and is from anti-oxidants. Several recent studies have shown that green tea reduces the risk of losing weight, from type 2 to type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Anti aging
    Green tea contains a chemical called catechin, which helps the body to fight free radicals. Many effects of aging are seen, especially on the skin, due to the accumulation of free radicals in the body, which can damage your body cells and extend their lifespan.
    It also contains polyphenols which is essential for the cells’ renewal process and prevents cells from aging prematurely. Polyphenols prevent aging and increase lifespan. Catechin protects cells from the harmful effects of free-radicals.
  2. Oral care
    Green-tea is a great natural source of fluoride, so it helps naturally strengthen your teeth with its anti-bacterial effects, prevents cavities and removes bad breath.
  3. Benefits to skin
    Green-tea contains anti-oxidants, which protect the cells from getting cancer and maintain the youthfulness of the skin. It protects the skin from sunburn and tanning. It detoxifies the body, which makes the skin glow and enhances complexion. Green-tea is very beneficial for healthy skin and is used in the treatment of many diseases, such as skin cancer. These benefits occur when Green-Tea must be drunk for several months or years.
  4. Lose weight
    Several studies have shown that if you drink green tea with exercise to lose weight, then it can boost weight loss, elements found in green tea increase the secretion of fat burning hormones.
    Metabolism is cured by its intake, in addition tea leaves contain some bio-active substances, which dissolve in water and help in losing weight.
    If you want not a flat-belly, drink four cups of green tea a day. The poly-final found in green tea increases the fat oxidation and the rate at which your body converts food into calories.
  5. Beauty enhancer
    Green-tea is also effective in enhancing beauty, as it contains high amounts of anti-oxidants and other nutrients. This is why many cosmetics contain green tea. Green-tea slows down the aging process.
  6. Cancer prevention
    Research has revealed that drinking green tea every day reduces the risk of cancer. It contains polyphenols, an anti-oxidant that prevents the cell from being damaged. Polyphenal, catechins and various anti-oxidants found in green tea help kill cancerous cells and prevent them from developing, according to the ‘National Cancer Institute’. Let’s reduce it. These protect the cells from being damaged by free radicals and reduce the number and size of tumors. Regular consumption of green tea protects against cancer of the intestines, prostate, breast, mouth and lungs.According to a research conducted in China, people who consume five cups of green tea per day, the risk of developing stomach cancer is reduced by 40 percent.
  7. Mental health
    Green tea contains L-thianine, an amino acid that the brain
    Helps in the secretion of serotonin in excess, which helps in reducing emotional depression from headaches. Green-tea also increases serotonin levels in the brain, thereby relieving stress and anxiety. Enhances the functioning of the brain. Green-tea increases blood flow to the brain, which improves the ability to concentrate. Several research has revealed that green tea also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  8. Detoxifying the body
    Green-tea detoxifies the body and improves its functioning. It boosts metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

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