Health tips: home remedies to relieve constipation naturally With Veg food

In general, constipation is not clear and the accumulation of stool in the intestines is called constipation. Constipation is caused by sitting or fast asleep after meals. Due to constipation and many diseases taking home in the body, it is very important to keep the stomach clean for good health. People take anything else anywhere. Due to irregular routines and diet, constipation becomes a common disease. The habit of irregular defecation and sometimes suppressing the sound of defecation takes the form of constipation, so do not press the sound of nature at all. The simple steps described here can prove to be helpful in relieving constipation.


  1. Include guava, papaya, lemon, and grapes in your diet, they also have great benefits in constipation.
  2. In the condition of constipation, avoid spicy food, citrus fruits, chocolate, tomato sauce, pickles, chutney, vinegar, etc.
  3. Avoid constipation junk food and street food etc.
  4. The patient of constipation must drink four to five liters of water a day.
  5. Do not drink cold water immediately after eating food. Especially for those who have constipation, drink lukewarm water. And chew food slowly and eat slowly.
  6. Add cucumber, cucumber, onion salad, black salt, lemon, vinegar, ground cumin, roasted asafetida, etc. to the regular food. Include jaggery, lemon, banana, almonds, and curd in regular meals.
  7. Eat vegetables such as legumes, Kashifal, cabbage, carrots, and gourd.
  8. Include bananas and watermelons in the meal. Watermelon juice is effective in removing acidity.
  9. Maintain the proper amount of green vegetables, lentils, oil, ghee, spices, and salad in the meal.
  10. Non-vegetarian causes constipation and acidity, so avoid non-vegetarian and spicy foods.
  11. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, eat food that has high fiber content.
  12. Asanas such as Sarvangasana, Uttanapadaasana, and Bhujangasana in yogasana overcome digestive disorders.
  13. Get up every morning and drink a glass of lukewarm water.
  14. Drink a regular glass of warm milk at night.
  15. Take dinner two hours before going to bed at night.
  16. Be physically active. Exercise regularly.
  17. Eat balanced and fresh food. Eat light and less fatty foods at night.
  18. In the morning, drink lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water. This will clear the stomach.
  19. Must get up before sunrise. Get into the habit of walking for some time in the morning, doing regular exercise and doing yoga.
  20. Eating apple fruit daily provides relief from constipation.

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