Why should curd not be eaten at night? Know the advantages and disadvantages

Although yogurt is good for our body, we get the quality of that thing only if it is eaten properly or its method should be right. Not doing so can also cause harm.

When should eat yogurt?

If anything is eaten at the right time, then it definitely benefits. Curd should be eaten at the right time.
Yogurt is cold. That is why you can eat sugar breakfast during breakfast.
The right time to eat yogurt is in the afternoon. Many people eat it even at lunch, that is a good thing.

When should not eat yogurt?

If we eat something at the wrong time, its results are also wrong.
Should curd not be eaten at night?
Eating curd at night may cause you some problems. Because eating yogurt at night slows down our digestive power and the food is not digested properly.

Curd should not be eaten even in the spring.

If your body is swollen, avoid curd. Swelling in the body increases by eating curd.

Why should curd not be eaten at night?

  • Yogurt is cold, eating on this night can lead to problems like cough and cold.
  • Digestive power is affected by eating curd after dinner at night because eating yogurt slows down the digestion process so the food does not survive well.
  • Eating curd at night starts promoting the reaction of cells in our body due to which there can be many serious problems such as constipation, vomiting, sore throat, pimples on the skin, etc.
  • Eating curd at night can also cause cough and cold.
  • Eating curd at night can also be a reason for the pain in the joints of the patient of Arthritis.
  • Eating curd at night also increases obesity.

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Benefits of eating yogurt:-

  • Yogurt is considered very beneficial for our body, so one spoonful of curd should be eaten daily.
  • Curd also increases our immunity, which makes us less ill and if consumed properly, we can eat it as weight loss.
  • Eating yogurt can also prove to be very good for heart disease.
  • Yogurt reduces the bad cholesterol present in our blood.
  • If your body is deficient in vitamin b12, then yogurt is one of its best sources.
  • A person who regularly consumes curd also has good teeth.

We also benefit from eating curd and if we consume it in the wrong way, our bodies can also be harmed.

This article is written just to give you information. Be sure to consult your doctor before doing anything.

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