Including amla in your daily diet can be very helpful in reducing weight and increasing immunity.

You all must use Amla in your daily diet because it requires nutrition to keep the body healthy and the Amla contains very good nutrients and Vitamin C which would be very beneficial for our body. There are many benefits in our body by consuming Amla, like Amla helps to stay healthy and increase immunity, Amla is used in different ways, we get Amla available in all kinds of markets. Whether it is in the form of tablets or in the form of syrup in the form of simple fruits lost, we are available
We should use amla mostly by adding it to our vegetables which will also be good for our health and this is a simple method.


Health benefits of Amla

  • Many vitamins, minerals and fiber are obtained from amla.
  • Amla is more effective in increasing weight due to less calories.
  • It contains plenty of antioxidants. In this way it acts as an immune booster.
  • In addition to correcting digestion, blood sugar levels are controlled due to the fiber found in amla.
  • Amla is also cancer from the heart related diseases including cancer to the body.

Tips to include Amla in daily diet

Very few people like the bitter taste of amla. Some people take amla as a simple form . For this, gooseberry should be washed thoroughly. It can then be cut into two pieces and eaten with salt.

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You can eat amla sauce

Amla sauce can be consumed regularly.
For this, the sauce can be prepared by mixing amla with coriander leaves, ginger, garlic, black pepper and mint leaves.

You can make Amla pickle and use it.

Amla pickle is excellent in taste. There are many ways to make it. If you want to lose weight, you can make Amla pickle without using any oil.

Can we use Amla in food as well?

yes we use Amla in food as well. Amla can be made with a little salt, pepper and spices as a side dish in food. Rice, roti, dal can also be eaten with it.

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