What should be the weight of a normal child and Causes of obesity in children

Obesity in children is increasing rapidly. Due to poor diet, less outdoor sports activities, the weight of children in cities is increasing rapidly. There is a 25% increase in obesity among adolescents. Body weight also varies according to length. Uncontrolled weight gain in children has become a major problem in America. The doctors there have said that if it is not controlled then it can take the form of an epidemic and has even taken its warning.

These problems are caused by weight gain

Fatty liver, snoring, diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, skin-related problems may be encountered.

Children with obesity have problems with stress and lack of self-confidence.

This is the main reason for weight gain in children

80% of children aged 11 to 20 eat things like candy, chocolate, pizza, burgers, sweets, french fries. Due to this reason also the weight of children increases very fast at this age.

  • changing routine
    Often children do not do regular physical activities. They do not do sports, due to which calories are not spent. They keep using mobile, video, television etc. throughout the day
  • Genetic
    Obesity also increases due to genetic reasons. Although it is only in 3-5% of children that if the parent is obese or the father is obese, the child will also have an increased risk of obesity.

These steps are necessary to stop the increasing weight

  1.  change eating habits
  2. don’t eat anything while watching tv
  3. Do not feed fried things, fast food
  4. Give salad half an hour before meals
  5. C:Family having meals with children
  6. change eating habits all the time or anytime
  7. Do not overfeed without feeling hungry, before three hours of a meal

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Change bad eating habits

Bad eating habits of children are the reason for increasing obesity. Eating food before feeling hungry increases obesity. By eating outside things, snacks, fast food, sweets etc., weight increases very fast. 90% of obesity increases due to wrong diet.

How much should a normal baby weigh?

According to WHO, the weight of a child from birth to 10 years is determined on the basis of his birth weight.

age weight

5 Months – Weight Gain of 210gm Per Week

0-3 months – double the birth weight

6-12 months – an increase of 400gm per month

1 year – three times the birth weight

2 years – four times the birth weight

3 years – five times the birth weight

5-6 years – six times the birth weight

7 years – seven times the birth weight

10 years – ten times the birth weight

Need to gain 2kg per year

The weight of an average healthy child should increase at the rate of two kilograms per year till the age of 10 years. After that, the weight of 3 kg should increase every year after becoming an adult.

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