Weight Management: Why does belly fat increase? Learn 5 Reasons

People are often troubled by increasing belly fat. But have you ever wondered why fat always grows around the belly (causes of belly fat)? Actually, there are two types of fat in our body, the first is the fat under the skin called subcutaneous fat and the second is visceral fat. Belly fat is the substantive fat that grows inside our skin. This fat grows the fastest and the most. There are many reasons behind the increase in this fat related to lifestyle, physical activity and diet. So, let us know the reasons for increasing belly fat and then know how to avoid these reasons and reduce it.

Why Does fat always accumulate around your belly?

The accumulation of fat in the stomach is not always harmful. Actually, belly fat is one way your body stores energy. It works to provide a comfortable padding to your muscles and bones. It acts as a pathway for nerves and blood vessels between your skin and your muscles. Also it connects the dermis to the muscles and bones with its special connecting tissue. Apart from this, it also helps in controlling your body temperature because fat insulates the body, helps in controlling the temperature. Belly fat increases due to many reasons. As if

1. Sedentary lifestyle

During a sedentary lifestyle in which you are mostly sitting, belly fat increases rapidly. With a sedentary lifestyle, whatever you eat gets stored in the storage room. The more you eat, the faster your belly fat increases. But if you are not working hard or sweating enough to digest it, then this fat gets stored and one day it takes the form of heavy belly fat. to guard against

  • ‌Walk while talking on mobile.
  • Try to work while standing.
  • Do some aerobic exercise
  • keep moving
  • Do the housework.

2. Due to hormonal changes

Hormones play a major role in determining the distribution of fat in the body. Hormonal imbalances can lead to increased appetite, slow metabolism and increased stress levels, which can lead to the accumulation of belly fat. Also, it slows down the metabolism so much that it is difficult for you to lose fat. So to reduce belly fat you have to

  • ‌You have to balance your hormones.‌
  • Metabolism has to be accelerated.

3. Due to stress

There has always been a connection between obesity and stress. In fact, stress triggers elevated cortisol levels and makes you crave food. Due to this, you eat more food and this causes the increase in belly fat. Therefore, if you want to reduce your stomach, then be stress free. Due to this the metabolism will be faster, food will be digested properly and fat will not accumulate in the body. In addition, stress can also lead to lack of sleep, which increases stress hormones and causes belly fat.

4. By drinking

Alcohol works to increase sugar. This is because our body breaks it down in the form of sugar and then it gets converted into excess fat. This added sugar of alcohol can also lead to bloating and abdominal obesity. So avoid drinking too much alcohol.

5. Due to poor diet

Having the right diet can help you control belly fat. So first of all you should remove trans fat from your diet. Second, high protein diet should be consumed and low fiber foods should be avoided. Actually, trans fats are unhealthy fats found in processed and fried foods. They store fat in the abdominal area and slow down the metabolism of fat. Low fiber diets slow down the metabolism, which makes it difficult to burn calories, so eat high fiber foods. Also, increase the amount of protein in the diet, which helps in controlling hormonal health and appetite.

Apart from all this, avoid taking sweet foods and drinks. It contains additives, preservatives and artificial colors, which work to increase belly fat. Also, to reduce belly fat, exercise for 40 minutes daily and try to be physically active throughout the day.

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