Vitamin D deficiency can cause problems in women

You must know that we get vitamin D from the rays of the sun which is very important for our body and it is very important for our bones because vitamin D strengthens our body’s immunity and bones and diseases. Due to the increase in immunity, we get a lot of help in fighting diseases and vitamin d is also very important for our teeth and in today’s daily life we ​​are not able to take advantage of the vitamin D from the sun which results in Today, 70% of women in India are deficient in vitamin D and to meet this deficiency women and men are using vitamin D medicines which is very harmful for our body.

Vitamin D is very beneficial for the health of our brain and if pregnant women are deficient in vitamin D then it can prove very dangerous for them as the calcium in the body decreases due to the development of the fetus during pregnancy and Also, the release of calcium in urine also leads to deficiency of vitamin D and this problem starts to increase as the pregnancy progresses and the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in women are as follows


  1.  muscle aches
  2. Hair Loss
  3.  Staying tired
  4.  Pain in bones and generation
  5.  Decay of bones
  6.  Frequent fall ill or infection
  7.  Wound healing time
  8.  Depression
  9.  rotting of teeth
  10.  Kidney stones problem
  11.  Increase obesity
  12.  Weakness of bones

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