Home remedies for itchy skin in summer season

When summer begins, Ukada troubles everyone. Sweating, stickiness and various diseases will come with it. Many people do not like summer. Itching occurs in the body due to sweat in summer. The area becomes red due to frequent scratches and scars are visible. Extreme itching can also cause skin damage. So today we are going to learn what can be done at home to prevent itching on the body.

Apply petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly helps reduce the itching of the body. Also, if the skin is sensitive, petroleum jelly is very useful. Therefore petroleum jelly helps in maintaining the softness of the skin as it has no side effects.
But before applying it, clean the skin well because it will have a soil on your skin and if you apply petroleum jelly on top of it, then it can harm you.

Apply aloe vera

Apply aloe vera on the itchy part of the body. Let stand for a few minutes. This will then help reduce itching.

get a shower

You should bathe daily so that you will be refreshed and your skin will be healthy, so you should take a secret
Use the right shower gel or shop

Add baking soda

Add a little water to the soda and add the paste and apply the paste only on the itchy area. But do not do this remedy when the skin is torn or injured. Baking soda is useful for relieving itching on small areas of the body. When itching all over the body, take a bath by mixing one cup of soda in lukewarm water.


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