Paper Recycling: How to recycle paper from old paper to new paper full process

Paper Recycling

Do you know how many trees and forests are destroyed every day for the wood used to make paper

We all can play our part in saving forests and trees.

By recycling paper. Paper recycling is the process of collecting waste paper to make new paper.

Recycling paper saves disposal space and reduces pollution, so how is paper recycled?

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Paper Collection and Sorting In Junkyards go from door to door to collect

In India, many local merchants called paper for recycling.

The paper is then sent to the recycling plant.


After collection the paper and cardboard are sorted on the basis of grade and quality.

Contaminated and unsuitable paper is removed for recycling.

The paper is sent to paper mills where it is stored in the same warehouse.

The Pulping

paper is brought from the warehouse to the pulper, which is the size of a large drum containing water and chemicals.

Inside the pulper, the paper is broken down into a fine pulp called the cellulose ratio.

Now the pulp is freed from impurities in the central cleaning machine.

Larger contaminants are removed using a perforated mesh.

To release the ink

The pulp is chemically washed separate from the air and substances such as soap are fertilized in the pulp.

The ink sticks to the air bubbles to form a foam or froth containing the ink.

Which floats on the surface and is removed from there.

This leaves a clean pulp behind. This process is called ink release.


The Refining and Bleaching

pulp is refined by machine grinding, which causes the recirculating fibers to swell and split into separate fibers.

If the collected pulp is colored then chemicals are used to separate the color from the colored paper.

Making paper

Recycling fibers can be made stronger with additional pulp made from new wood.

The refined pulp is inserted into a continuously moving wire screen to remove excess moisture.

It is then lifted from there, dried and flattened with a steam-heated roller.

Finally, the dried paper is put in large mills by rolling it.

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