Formation of Lightning: How to Avoid It and Safety tips Lighting Stricks

Lightning Falls You must have seen the sky shining with thunder during thunderstorms.

Do you know why this happens? The reason for this glow is lightning. Lightning is a common occurrence with thunder during thunderstorms.


Formation of Lightning

But how this lightning is generated in the sky. During thunderstorms, there is tremendous upheaval in the air currents and due to this charge builds up in the clouds.

The positive charges tend to collect at the top of the clouds while the negative charges are stored at the bottom. Thus the lower part of the clouds becomes powerfully negative and attracts positive charges on various objects on the ground such as trees, houses, cars etc.

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When the magnitude of the accumulated charges becomes very large, the air fails to resist the flow of charges, so the negative and positive charges move towards each other with great velocity and neutralize each other when they meet. .

In this process a strong glow is produced, this glow is called lightning and this process of neutralization of charges is called electric discharge.


The flash of lightning heats the surrounding air to a very high temperature causing vibrations or shock waves that cause an explosion which we hear as thunder Wehear

always see lightning before thunder because the speed of light is much higher than expected.

7 lightning safety tips

A lightning flash contains immense energy and has a very high temperature, so to avoid lightning strikes, you must adopt some safety measures. The best way to stay safe during thunderstorms is to stay


  • indoors.
  • ┬áKeep yourself away from using the telephone.
  • Do not use shower.
  • Stay away from windows, as lightning can strike telephones, electrical wires, metal pipes, etc.
  • To protect electrical equipment such as computers, TVs, etc., unplug them.
  • Do not go to open places and if it is necessary to go, stay away from tall trees, pillars or any kind of tall metal objects
  • Try to take shelter in a nearby building.


How to protect against lightning strikes?

  • Lightning often high objects around us,
  • strikes so if you do not have anything, then sit down on your knees but do not lie on the ground, because the ground can attract the static charges present in the lightning court.
  • Open vehicles such as bikes are very unsafe. A metal-locked car is the safest, because if a lightning strikes your car, it is able to make ground contact with the lightning strike, but make sure the doors and windows of the car are completely closed.

What is a lightning conductor?

A lightning conductor is a device used to protect buildings from lightning. It is made of a metallic rod which is located at the top of the building.

The sky-facing end of the rod is pointed while the other end is deeply buried in the ground.

This provides a smooth passage for electrical charges to flow into the ground during thunderstorms, ensuring that damage to the building is minimized.

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