Meteorological Instrument: How to scientists measure the weather in every season?

Scientists measure the weather every season with different instruments, which are called meteorological instruments?

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Meteorological Instrument

  • Thermometer

When you are standing outside in the hot sun in the afternoon you feel the heat

but it is so hot. Temperature is an indicator of how hot it is.

Meteorologists use thermometers to measure the temperature in degrees Celsius or so.

  • Humidity Measurement

Have you ever noticed why you sweat more in some places than in other places?

This happens because of humidity.

Humidity in the air reduces the rate of evaporation of sweat from our skin.

Humidity levels affect cloud formation, fog and rainfall conditions. Humidity is measured with an instrument called hydro.

  • Measurement of air pressure

Air pressure is the mass of air that pushes the earth’s surface down. A barometer is used to measure air pressure.

The movement of air from a high pressure area to low pressure area is pure.

The greater the gap between you, the stronger the wind.

  • Rainfall measured

rainfall gives life but excessive rainfall also causes floods causing loss of life and wealth while less rainfall causes drought. measurement of rainfall in an area is usually done by storing rain water in a rain gauge

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