Computer: Definition of Computer, Uses and best Computer Courses for Earning

A computer is a machine made by man.

This machine has been made by humans, you must have seen it in hospitals, in banks, and now these personal computers have also come which are with us or in the house and also affect our daily life everywhere.

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What is a computer?

Computer is an electronic device that processes the data inputted by the user and provides information as a result, that is, a computer is an electronic machine that follows the instructions given by the user.

These are computers, they are programming machines. It is programmed.


Definition of Computer

The word “Computer” is derived from the Latin word ‘compute’ which means to calculate.

A computer is an electronic device that receives input from the user in the form of data and instructions.

The computer processes the input data and provides the result as output.

Computer Parts

  • Monitor
  • CPU (Central processing unit)
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

Before now, the earlier computers were used to do very complex calculations. That is, we common people did not use it, these computers were very expensive and were out of the budget of the common people.


They were used in laboratories and in large multinational companies. These computers used to be the size of the room, as now there are computers of the size of the viewing room but did something smaller.

Our small CPU is also called microprocessor, after the arrival of the CPU, these computers came on our table and their name was desktop PC.


Right now, computers have made our lives very busy. Many complex calculations began to be done very easily with the computer, that too very fast and absolutely accurate. This computer takes the input of our data, processes it, with great speed and is very accurate and provides us with the output, so the computer is very useful.


The computer that is here does not think of anything by itself. Everything works by our command and this command is given to it by the software program.

The people who create software programs are called programmers and the people who use these programs are called users.


Now after the advent of computers, what has been seen in the midst of people, we can watch videos from YouTube on the computer. You can play games on the computer, extract your important documents, send emails, run any website. Along with this, I am able to do it with the help of very few computers.


Use of Computer

10 best uses of computer i.e. where computer is used, today we will tell you about where computer is used more.

1. Entertainment

In the field of entertainment, what is XP, how much you use the computer, such as for editing the movie or for mixing the video or for editing or for doing the audio video together or Then for action or for giving any designing or effect in it, in

2. Education

education ie computer course you learn, then computer course is taught by computer or else there is another use in education like more education happens. Like through video tutorials as you see on youtube or if it happens to take attendance ie school attendance then this kind of work also comes in

3. Bank

now bank so you all know that whenever we have to deposit money in bank account If you want to check the account or see the details, then go to the bank too, the computer is being used the most, very fast, after that the

4. Railway station comes.

When you check the ticket at the railway station or take the ticket. We book tickets from the station, which is where all the work is. Auxiliary computers are being used in all these work,to

5. Airport

when it comes to the airport, talk about flying the plane or talk about getting tickets before boarding the plane, then all of them or talk about check-in. In all those where computer is used somewhere.

6. Even in the hospital

hospital, you can see how they use the computer in the hospital and find out. Diseases also have many other functions in the hospital in which this computer work is done.

7. Business

How much computers are being used for business, you must have seen in daily life that whatever things we do in business to do business, to make statements or how much profit is being made in business. To do all these details, we are businessmen using computers.

8. Researcher 

research means that whether you want to research the earth, that is, to find out about all the plants and animals on the earth, or if you want to go to this space, do research anywhere. Computers are also being used in this.

9. Communication

As you are making this video call, it is also a communication. So as we talk or do messaging, all this work is being done nowadays with the help of computers.

Taking details from mobile phone computers has also increased a lot in this case.

10. Defense

Defense means to protect. Whether it is to protect the country or any country or any document or any person or any country, today that computer is being used to protect anything. Find out from the computer where is the bomb or gunpowder and in such work where the computer is also being used in defense.


Computer Courses for earning

1. Computer Tally

If you have studied counting even a little of your 1 0 squad, then Tally can prove to be a boon for you.

Tally has a huge craze in India, even though a lot of accounting software has arrived. Already in the market but still talk of tally accounting software. If you learn Tally and learn very well then you can easily get an accounting job anywhere.

2. Digital marketing courses have been given to

computer courses, now it is the age of the Internet. A lot of things are happening on the internet. New applications are being made on these websites. Businesses are coming online, in such a way there is a course in digital marketing, with the help of marketing, you advertise things online. We work to deliver any product to the customer. Digital marketing is a medium through which any product is advertised through WhatsApp through Facebook page through email, but it is a proper way to do all this work. That’s the only way to learn something. In the digital marketing course, the busy marketing course tells you what type of graphics should be, what type of advertisements should be. How do you share your products, how do you create a website, how do you create a Facebook page. If you are making a picture, someone who is a finance minister, then what should it be like and how can it affect the people. If you have a local business, then how can you take the customer there? All these things are taught but in marketing and this course is also very popular gold will find many such courses on the internet where they can not learn their start . Even Google is doing the same course in digital marketing, from there you can do it.

3. Word Excel Power and Basic Computer Knowledge

i.e. if you have Basic Computer Knowledge with Word Excel PowerPoint Key. If you know how to print out, if you know how to email, if you know all such things, then you can easily get a very good job in any office.

4. Graphic Designing

If you know how to make a logo, if you know how to make letter pad pamphlet all these things, if you know how to design graphic, visiting design, then earning avenues are opened for you too. Huh.


All these things are taught in graphic designing. You are taught to work in photoshop and courtroom and both of these software are software for gaur only in the choral room of graphic designing you can make all things like logo pamphlet banner visiting card icard.

Similarly, Photoshop can edit long photos. The better your hands are clean, the better you will be able to edit photos and the better will be your fees. It is not necessary that after learning these softwares, you can get your job, now you can do your own business and earn a lot of money.

If you are not able to do business online, then there is a lot of demand for these softwares online too. You can go there and start your own business.

5. Blogging 

Blogging is a sector where you start a blog once. We create a website and it develops gradually, then through Google Adsense or one such marketing, you can generate a lot of business from there. Can generate very good revenue.

So to understand blogging a little, let us explain to you, then you must be searching anything on the internet and visiting any website, then you are a user now but after blogging you will become a developer, you will also provide information that Google Through Google search and if it reaches people, then blogging.

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