What is weather, Components of Weather and Meteorological information

Cloudbursts cause devastating floods in Himalayan towns. Cloudburst is an example of an extreme weather event.

In the last 100 years, India has faced many extreme weather events. Including drought and cloudburst.

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What is weather and why is weather so important?

Weather is actually the state of the atmosphere in our environment.


Components of Weather

Temperature, humidity, air pressure and rainfall are the components of weather.


The weather in a particular place affects agricultural products, trade, commerce, and so on.

The weather of a place changes in short intervals.



Meteorologists are scientists who collect weather data on a daily basis. When they record the weather of a place for a long time, write it now, they understand the weather for now.

The long-term average pattern of a place is called the climate of that place.


Meteorological information

Meteorologists measure this data using special types of instruments.

They also use satellites to find out about Earth’s weather.

Read on to know more about these components.

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