The Human Eye: Structure and Functions of all parts of the human eye

Functioning of the Eye


When you open your eyes you see a colorful world like flowers, birds, houses, books, tables and chairs. Can you see these things in the dark? You will say that without light it is impossible to see things.


That’s why we often bump into things in the dark. Yes it is true because we can see things only when there is light on it. Our brain and eyes work together to see things. Let’s see.

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The Human Eye

The rays of light falling on an object are reflected back to our eyes. In the eye, light passes through those transparent clear circles called the cornea and the lens behind it. and the image of the object is formed on our retina.

The optic nerve is directly connected to our brain. This optic nerve carries the message about the image to our brain. When these messages reach our brain, then our brain understands their meaning. Then we understand what is in front of us.

All this happens in less than a second and we don’t even know it. Isn’t it wonderful?


Iris eye function

You must have seen different colors of eyes of people like brown, black, green etc. When we are talking about the color of the eyes, we are actually talking about the color of the iris.

There is a hole in the middle of it, which we call the pupil.

Pupil eye function

What happens when bright light hits your eyes? You close your eyes or you shrink it. Your pupil constricts so that your eyes are not harmed by too much light. The work of shrinking the pupil is done by the iris.

When you are in a place with dim light, your pupil gets dilated so that more light can go inside your eyes.

Normal pupil size is 2-4mm.


Function of Crystalline lens

To produce a clear image on the retina, the lens changes its shape, which is called Power of Accommodation.

In order to see things clearly, the ciliary muscles attached to the lens contract and expand, so that the roundness of the lens changes. When the focal length of the lens changes and a clear image is formed on the retina.


Error of Refraction:

Sometimes due to some defect in the eye, the image is formed in front or behind the retina, this condition is called refraction error. To correct the refractive error, glasses or glasses are used, so that a clear image is made on the retina.


What is the reason for the tears in the eyes?

When you blink your eyelids, a thin layer of tears is spread over your eyes, which eliminates the substances that cause infection.

Have you thought that when dust gets in your eyes, why do tears come in your eyes?


Our eyes work for the rest of our lives. Always seeing something or the other facing the light from a different trinity. Due to which the pupils and the lens work together.


Today our eyes are facing many problems. Lack of sleep Dust, pollution, smoke and light emitted from various types of equipment. That’s why we should take more care of our eyes.


Because of our eyes, we could enjoy this beautiful world. So let us promise that we will keep our eyes clean and healthy always.

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