Best Sources Of Protein : What foods are the highest in protein?

Our body develops rapidly in adolescence and an adolescent is required to take a sufficient amount of protein-carbohydrate fat vitamins and minerals salts in their diet. Protein in our body is very essential for building organs, muscles, skin, and hormones and there is a lot in our body which is controlled by the protein itself.
A diet high in protein also lowers blood pressure, with diabetes, and more.

Vegetarian protein sources –
1. Almonds
2. Oats
3. Cottage Cheese
4. Greek Yogurt
5. Milk
6. Broccoli
7. salad
8. Whey Protein
9. Lentils
10. Ezekiel Bread
11. Pumpkin Seeds
12. Turkey Breast
13. Peanuts

Non-vegetarian sources of protein –
1. Eggs
2. Chicken Breast
3. Lean Beef
4. Fish
5. Shrimp
6. Shrimp Brussels Sprouts

The amount of protein you need in your diet depends on your weight, age, and health. As an obese guide, the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for protein (measured in grams per kilogram of body weight) is:

0.75 g / kg for adult women
0.84 g / kg for adult males
Approximately 1 g / kg for pregnant and lactating women, and for men and women over 70 years.
♦ The highest protein on Earth is found in spirulina.
♦Pulses also have the highest protein, so we should eat lentils
♦Whey protein comes from milk.


                           Almond has 13 percent protein content and contains 171 calories. Almond contains fiber, vitamin E and magnesium which our body gets from almonds.

Egg – 13 g Protein
Banana -1.1 g Protein
Milk -3.4 g Protein
Yogurt -10 g Protein
peanuts- 26 g Protein

People who go to the gym start using protein powder to fit themselves, which supplies them with protein, but sometimes excessive use of protein causes great damage to our body while taking protein powder Take its quantity according to your body weight and Work out in the gym according to the intake of protein and choose the right protein powder
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