Spoon Test health checkup At Home

With the spoon test, we can take care of our health at home, with the spoon test, we can check all the health-related questions from home. Kidney problems, thyroid, respiratory infections, and kidney problems are included. It is very important to check health from time to time, but for this, we do not need to go to the doctor every time, just you can know the health of your health even with a spoon.

How to test –
First of all, take a spoon and rub it on the inverted parts till the saliva does not come out from the tongue now keep this spoon in clean polythene and keep it in front of bright sun or light for a minute and a minute. Then look at the spoon and identify it by the smell

1.No stain or smell
2. strong smell
3. sweet smell
4. Ammonia smell

1. There is no stain or smell. It means that your internal organs are healthy.
2. If there is rot or a strong smell then there is a problem related to the lungs or stomach.
3. If smelling sweet from this can be a sign of diabetes.
4. Smelling like ammonia, it may be a kidney problem.
5. If there is a yellow layer on the spoon then the thyroid is indicated.
6. Respiratory infections can occur if there is a white spot.
7. If the orange stain is a sign of kidney disease.
8. A purple stain is a sign of poor blood circulation and excess cholesterol.

A sign of true health-
                                                  If you do not find any stains or any unpleasant smell in the spoon, then your internal organs are in full health.
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