5 Yoga Asanas for Headache and Migraine to Relieve Your Migraine Pain

Headache is a common problem that we take lightly. Most people first treat it on their own without any medical consultation and keep it for a long time.

Headache is a state of pain in the head, neck, or sometimes the upper back. It is the most frequent discomfort that occurs in some individuals. A headache is usually not a serious cause. Therefore, it can be overcome by learning lifestyle changes and methods of relaxation. Apart from this, there are some home remedies which can be relieved by headache.

Yogasan for Headache and Migraine

  • Margarie seat
  • Headstand
  • Hallasan
  • Sarvangasan
  • Pawanmuktasan
  • Paschimottasan
  • Vajrasana
  • Siddhasana
  • Veerasan
  • Dead posture
  • Sleep apnea
  • Padmasana
  • Balasan
  • Sethubandhasan
  • Shashankasan
  • Manual production
  • Tree plantation
  • Garudasan
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Udgith Pranayama
  • Bhujangasana
  • Mercutasan
  • Anulom
  • Bhramari pranayama


Headstand (Sirsasana)

It is derived from the Sanskrit word apex. means head. In this posture, the seeker has to stand on the head and balance of hands, hence it is called headstand. This easy is a bit tough, but it is very effective if you want to keep the face bright and healthy for a long time. Since you are standing on your head, blood circulation starts downwards and blood circulation is better towards the face.


You have to sit in Vajrasana first by laying a bed sheet or mat for headstand. Remember that you sit in such a way that there is enough space for you to bow down.

      1. Sitting in Vajrasana, join the fingers of both hands together by resting your elbows on the ground.
      2. Now, with the fingers of both hands, your palms should be upwards, so that you can support the palms of your head.
      3. Now keep your head on the palms and keep breathing normal while slowly bending forward. Then slowly let the body load on your head.
      4.  In this state, you have to raise your feet towards the sky, just like you stand on your feet and you have to stand upside down.
      5.  Stay in this position for some time and then return to the normal position.

Benefits Of headstand (Sirsasana)

          1. Eye defect, hair loss and whitening, blood disorders etc. are cured by practicing this asana.
          2. Those who have any complaint in the head, spine, stomach, etc., do not do this asana.
          3. People who are less visible or have any problem related to the eye, they should not do this asana.
          4. Sarvangasana must be practiced before performing this asana.
          5. Tadasana or corpse posture must be done after this asana.



In this posture, the shape of the body becomes like a plow. That is why it is called halasana. Halasan is important for making our body flexible. This keeps our spine forever young.



      1. Lie on your back on a yoga mat.
      2. Keep your hands close to the body. The palms will stay on the ground.
      3. Breathing inward, lift the legs upwards.
      4. The legs will make a 90 degree angle from the waist. The pressure will remain on the abdominal muscles. Support the waist with your hands while raising the legs.
      5. Bend the straight legs towards the head and move the legs behind the head. Will touch the ground with the toe.
      6. With the hands removed from the waist, straighten the ground Keep. The palm will remain downwards.
      7. The waist will remain parallel to the ground.
      8. Remain in this position for one minute. Focus on the breath, exhaling and bring the legs back to the ground.
      9. Do not hurry while leaving the seat. Bring the legs back to normal with a uniform speed.

Benefits Of Halasana

      1. By doing this asana, metabolism intensifies, which helps you to lose weight. Also, by doing this posture daily, belly fat is also reduced.
      2. This asana massages the internal organs of the body and increases mental capacity.
      3. This posture is more for the spine It is beneficial and makes the spine flexible.
      4. Doing this daily does not cause any problems related to the nervous system, so that you avoid stress and fatigue.
      5. If you want a beautiful and radiant face, then you must practice Halasana regularly.
        By doing this, your mental capacity is increased, so people doing brain related work must do it.

Do read this carefully before performing Halasana

        1. If you are suffering from hernia, cytica, arthritis and neck pain, avoid halasana.
        2. Pregnant woman should also avoid doing this asana.
        3. Do this asana on an empty stomach in the morning. Do not try to force the body backward to complete the yogic method.
        4. In the beginning, if you cannot, then try to complete only half-posture, after a few days of practice, try to gradually go into full posture.
        5. If you have health problems related to throat or spine, never do it without consulting a doctor.
        6. If you have high BP Or do not do this asana if you are an asthma patient.

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Sarvangasana, this asana is made up of three words Sarva + Anga + Asana i.e. such posture, which affects every part or organs of the body. This causes exercise of the entire body parts. This asana is said to be the most beneficial among all yogasanas. It is a standing posture on the shoulders and can be called a developed form of uttanapadasana and antithetical posture.



      1. Lie on your back.
      2. Keep hands near thighs. Now move your feet first to 30 degrees, then to 60 degrees and then to 90 degrees. With the hands pressed forward, lift the buttock up and bring the feet towards the head.
        Place palms on the back for support.
      3. Straighten your body in this way That chin came on the chest. The chin is applied to the chest in such a way that there is pressure on the thyroid part of the neck.
      4. Wear this pose according to your liking.
      5. Then feet first at 60 degrees, then 30 degrees and slowly return to the original position.
      6. When you return down, bring your hands under the buttock, so that you can bring your body to the initial state without any injury.

Benefits of Sarvangasan

  1. By doing this asana, stress, tiredness, restlessness disappear.
  2. This posture enhances facial beauty and enhances memory.
  3. In this asana, the activity of hormonal power increases, which increases the strength and vitality in the body.
  4. This asana is more beneficial for keeping the thyroid gland active and healthy. • Doing this asana does not cause dermatitis, because this posture eliminates blood loss.
  5. It eliminates chronic constipation, throat diseases and all liver diseases. Also, digestion becomes good.
  6. This asana cleanses the body and reduces fat by removing excess fat from the body.
  7. It erases facial pimples and blemishes.
  8. This asana secures semen. Reduces growth in the testicles. This asana also has an effect on the ovarian glands of women, which reduces the obesity and infertility of women.By doing this asana, development of reproductive organs, organs and bones is done.

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Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take them as advice of any doctor or medical professional. In the case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor.

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