What is cryptocurrency?, most popular cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency future in India

This fast moving digital wallet currency has also taken digital form and this digital currency itself is called cryptocurrency like bitcoin whose name you have heard many times but what is this cryptocurrency and how is it used. What is the benefit, the answers to such questions, that’s why let’s know today.

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What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, which was introduced in 2009 and the first cryptocurrency was the most popular bitcoin. cryptocurrency is not like real coins or notes, that is, we cannot take this currency in our hands like money, we cannot keep it in our pocket but it is saved in our digital wallet that is why you can call it online currency also. Because it only exists online.


Bitcoin payment is done through the computer. It is well known to this era that our Indian Rupee Solve, similarly, the government has complete control on a currency like Euro Dollar, but there is no such control on Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This virtual currency is not controlled by government authorities like central banks or any country and agency. That is, bitcoin does not follow the traditional banking system, but transfers from computer wallet to other wallet. It is not that only bitcoin is such a cryptocurrency, but there are more than five thousand different crypto currencies and some are popular crypto currencies.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Stellar
  4. Binance Coin
  5. Cardano
  6. Dogecoin
  7. XRP
  8. Litecoin
  9. Bitcoin Cash
  10. Chainlink You


can invest in them and buy and sell them easily like bitcoin.


Yes, it is a different matter that at present the most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin and you will get an idea of ​​how popular the currency is, from the fact that now many companies in the world have started accepting bitcoin payment and further the number of these companies is fast. Will increase

In such a situation, shopping, trading and delivery, traveling everything can be done using bitcoin.


Cryptocurrency in India

Indian cryptocurrency is slowly becoming true but bitcoin payment or cryptocurrency is becoming popular. One of the reasons for the slow speed of cryptocurrency in India was to be illegal because cryptocurrency was banned by RBI, but now in……continue.

Using cryptocurrency has become legal and that is why the number of cryptocurrency users has started increasing in India too.

The second important reason why cryptocurrency like bitcoin is not becoming increasingly popular in India like other countries is our own concept that if you want to invest, you should do it only in FD, mutual fund shares and gold, which is not wrong but this is the new age. Investing in a new currency has its own advantages such as easy and quick transactions.

With this, international transactions can be completed in a jiffy. You have to pay negligible transaction fees, there is no middle man in it and these transactions are more secure and confident.


Now tell me, bitcoin is an investment and then bitcoin is not a new concept. Big companies like Facebook, PayPal, Amazon and Walmart are associated with cryptocurrency, and Elon Musk who is the richest person in the world today, personalities like Jack Dorsey, Mike Tyson and Kanye West also use cryptocurrency.

Countries like the USA, China, Japan, Spain, Armenia have the highest number of cryptocurrency users.


Now after knowing this much, it may be that you are also thinking of investing in bitcoin, then let us tell you that it is also very easy to use cryptocurrency. This means that using a Switch Kuber application, you can invest in bitcoin in one click. You can buy and sell it. You will find it as easy as purchasing your favorite products from Amazon.


It has millions of users all over the world, but the question may come in your mind that bitcoin will be expensive. So how can I buy it?

So friends, the good thing is that even though the price of one bitcoin is currently increasing rapidly by Rs 32 lakh or so, but using yours, you can start your investment just as money and you will not have to pay any transaction fee in it.

Here you should also know that the price of bitcoin varies rapidly and its price fluctuates according to its demand.


After the exciting information from friends, you should also know that while using cryptocurrency, you have to remember that you can get a lot of profit in it, but the risk is also high in it, so before buying any cryptocurrency, do a little on it. Do research so that you can get to know the performance of that cryptocurrency last week last month.

Bitcoin in India In the future has spread

Future, how fast the cryptocurrency in India and what we will be able to buy from it will be known in the future only.

But now if you want to use it wisely, then you can get profit.

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