The best yoga exercises increase lung strength :Yoga For Healthy Lungs

Hello friends, today we will tell you about the best yoga exercises, which increases the power of lungs and it is very important to do yoga regularly for a healthy body. Because by doing yoga our body gets strengthened and the body gets immunity power and this gives the body strength to fight against diseases.

The lungs are one of the most important organs of the body, keeping you healthy by providing oxygen for all bodily functions. At present, the lungs are weakened due to Corona virus and for better health, it is necessary to take care of the lungs like the rest of the body.


But an important point is also that the coronavirus attacks our respiratory system, which makes it difficult for us to breathe and lowers oxygen levels in the body, and decreases lung capacity.

Therefore, we will tell you about such a yogasana that will strengthen our langs.

  1. Matsyasana (fishery currency)
  2. Padma Sarvangasan (Lotus Shoulder Stand)
  3. Sukhasana (cross-legged sitting pose)
  4. Kapalbhati Pranayama
  5. Anulom Antonyms (Breathing Exercises)
  6. Breath out with a cough
  7. Rib stretch breathing

Kapalbhati Pranayama
You sat on the floor, feet straight. Take many deep breaths in and out. Then exhale completely as much as possible. Place your right hand on your stomach and feel your stomach shrink while exhaling each breath.

With practice, gradually increase the number of exhalations to a maximum of 120. Performing daily, will revive all your organs including your lungs.


Anulom Antonyms (Breathing Exercises)

Sitting in a crossed-legged position, inhale your first breath through the left nostril while closing your right one with your thumb. This is called anuloma. Exhale through the right nostril while closing the left nostril. This is called viloma. Again inhale through the right nostril and continue. Remember the ratio of inspiration to expiration is 1:2.

Matsyasana (fishery currency)

To make the fish easier, first of all lie on your back and fold your arms under your body. Raise your head and chest up, breathe in, and then bend your back and place the crown of the head on the ground. Maintain the balance of your entire body using your elbows. Inhalation and exhalation Open the chest deeply. Keep this position as long as you are comfortable.


Known as the “destroyer of all diseases”, fish posture promotes deep breathing by stretching and strengthening the lung muscles. It also supports the balance of the body and helps in better circulation and distribution of blood throughout the body.

If you do yoga every day, your langs will be healthy and your lame capacity also increases, so do yoga for all of you.

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