The best time To workout to improve fat metabolism according scientific study

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about the right time and right way to exercise and according to them it is very good for improving fat metabolism, this fact has been revealed in a scientific research.
And in this study it has been clarified that if you have to reduce the level of cholesterol, then at what time do you exercise so that it is more effective and your body remains healthy.

According to me, exercising daily is a good habit, due to which your body remains active and healthy and by exercising, the body develops fully.
And according to me there are many people who like to workout in the morning and there are many people who like to workout in the evening, so on this point.
Knows about the research of Trine Moholdt , an exercise scientist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology who led the study in Australia


Studies show evening exercise is more effective than morning exercise—especially if you’re a man on a high-fat diet. The research involved 24 sedentary, overweight Australian men and tested their fat loss following a high-fat diet and exercise.

The study is an interesting one if you’re constantly on the hunt for the best exercises for weight loss. However, the scientist associated with the study also said that ‘any exercise is better than none’.

The study, called Diabetologia, was conducted by scientists at the Mary McKillop Institute for Health Research at Australian Catholic University and looked at 24 men who were given different exercise routines and a high-fat diet.

Splitting the men into groups, and setting them all on the same diet, which consisted of 65 percent fat, one-third of the men exercised in the morning, one-third exercised in the evening, and another third had no exercise at all. .

After five days, the scientists found that men who exercised in the evening had lower cholesterol levels, improved patterns of heart health-related molecules in their bloodstream and developed better blood sugar control. Whereas the men who exercised in the morning had higher cholesterol levels due to the high-fat diet.

Trine Moholdt, an exercise scientist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology who led the study in Australia, said the overall message of this research is that “evening exercise reversed or reduced some of the changes that occurred with a high-fat diet.” Did it – while not exercising in the morning. ”

However, she did go on to say that, despite their higher cholesterol levels, the men in the morning exercise group did become more aerobically fit, and warned: “I know people know this, but any exercise is better than not exercising.”
That’s why you can consider exercising in the morning as right.

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