The Best 9 Foods to Add to Your Smoothie for a Flat Belly and fit body

Hello friends, today we will tell you about nine such food to put in your smoothie and make your body fit and your flat belly.

Smoothies are very beneficial for your body, and it nourishes your body and keeps you fit and does not allow unwanted fat to accumulate in your body. You can make smoothies for breakfast, lunch, or workouts. It can be used later, and smoothies can give your body a big nutritional boost
You can add nut butter, plant-based milk, seeds, vegetables, and powders to smoothies, and it will boost your nutrition.

These nutrient-dense foods also pack fiber which can help support digestion and reduce belly bloat. Aside from smoothies, you can blend these ingredients into sauces, soups, and non-dairy ice creams or even add them to oatmeal.

what is smoothie

A smoothie or smoothy is a drink made from pureed raw fruit and/or vegetables, using a blender. A smoothie often has a liquid base such as fruit juice, dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, ice cream or cottage cheese.

9 Foods to Add to Your Smoothie for a Flat Belly

  1. Seeds
  2. Avocado
  3. Spirulina
  4. Cauliflower rice
  5. Leafy greens
  6. Nut butter
  7. Plant milk
  8. Plant-based protein powder
  9. Tofu (bean curd)


Hemp, chia, and flax seeds are great to add to smoothies and provide you with extra fiber, healthy fats, and protein, and three tablespoons of hemp seeds contain about 10 grams of protein, while chia seeds are an omega- An excellent source of 3 fatty acids. You must know that flaxseed is also used in weight loss, and it removes the extra fat from your body, and you get a fit body.
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Avocado is an excellent source of healthy fats that can help keep you full and satiated. The fruit is full of healthy fats and has many other nutrients, including vitamins C, E, K, B6, folate and potassium. Plus, they’re creamy and delicious, which makes them a perfect addition to smoothies.


Spirulina also known as blue-green algae—is a good source of protein and a rich source of B vitamins. Spirulina has the highest protein content and research suggests that spirulina may also have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why you should add it to your smoothie and if you want to read more about Spirulina, then read this Spirulina article of ours.

Cauliflower rice

Frozen cauliflower rice is a great way to add some fiber, vitamin C, folate, and choline (an essential nutrient that regulates mood, memory, and other functions) into your diet. Cauliflower rice is bland on its own, so you won’t even notice it in your smoothie. Try this Berry Cauliflower Smoothie from the Tone It Up girls!

Leafy greens

Green vegetables are very beneficial for our health, and a smoothie is a great way to get your daily dose of leafy greens.

And add these to your morning smoothie diet, including spinach and kale, which will give you nutrients including vitamins C, A, and E, folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium, and to perfect your taste. In this, you also include fruits and dry fruits.

Nut butter

A tablespoon of peanut, cashew, sunflower, or almond butter can make a smoothie taste like a delicious, savory dessert. But two tablespoons of nut butter can also boost your drink with protein, antioxidants, healthy fats, and essential minerals like magnesium and selenium. Nut butter is full of energy, making them a great addition to your breakfast.

Plant milk

Milk is good for your health, and adding it to smoothies makes your smoothie even tastier. And today, most commercial plant milk substitutes such as almond, pea, soy and oats contain vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins. 12 and are fortified with calcium.
That’s Why It’s Right for Your Smoothie

Plant-based protein powder

You can also add plant-based protein to a smoothie which is right for your body, and you will get more protein through this and according to my advice, you can add plant-based protein to the smoothie before going to the gym or during gym. take and With this, you will be able to perform better in the gym

Tofu (bean curd)

Tofu contains the right amount of protein and provides a great source of calcium and iron. And it’s a great option to add to your smoothie.

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