Relieve from the problem of sitting continuously

All of us have been sitting in lockdowns for a long time. This has led to physical exhaustion and other troubles. You will benefit from these exercises

Find an appropriate place to sit

When working from home, advised to sit outside or with nature. Doing this can help change the focal length of your eyes. Also you can get some relief from staring at your laptop or computer all the time.

Do not work continuously sitting for long hours

Get up in the middle of work and take a walk after a while.

Make a habit of walking in the terrace or garden in the morning and evening.

 Just like office, have lunch etc. at the right time.

Relief from sitting on the chair by cross-lying

Sit in a chair on a chair while working. To reduce foot pain, sit cross-legged. Keep your spine absolutely straight. This can avoid back pain.

Raise your legs and drag

This stretching exercise can help protect you from neck and back pain due to poor posture. In this, sit upright on the chair and lift the legs up. Repeat this process over and over.

Sit on the floor and try to work

For a slight change, work on the floor. Fold a blanket three times and make it a wall support for the back. When it seems that all is not needed. So change the position of the legs that came forward. This will be a new posture for the body, will relieve neck and back pain.

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