Analgesics and Truncillizers and Antimicrobial

Analgesics: Chemicals that are used to reduce or alleviate pain or pain are known as analgesics.

There are two types
1.Narcotic (Narcotic)

Narcotic (Narcotic)-
This type of analgesic or pain reliever is used to work on acute and helpless pain, taking them for a long time makes them prone to it, as it shows loss of effect on the nervous system.
Eg – morphine, codeine, heroin

(ii)Nonchalant (non-narcotic)-
These are common analgesics or pain relievers, they do not become a person by taking tasks for a long time.
Eg – aspirin, paracetamol

NOTE- Aspirin should never be starved because its water decomposition provides salicylic acid that wounds the stomach walls.

Truncillizers –
Chemicals that are used in the treatment of mental illnesses are called tranquilizers.

They are used in the treatment of anxiety, tension, insanity, anxiety.
Eg – Veronal, Seconal. Luminal, Chlorodiazepox
Barbiturates, luminal, seconal , veronal are used in the tablets of sleep

Antimicrobial –
Chemicals that are used to prevent and destroy the growth of bacteria, fungi, fungal viruses, microplasmas, etc.

Medicines that kill microorganisms present in the body are called bacterial intoxication.
And medicines that inhibit the growth of microorganisms are called anti-bacterial.

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