What is Biomass? and How to make Bio-Gas Plant with Advantages and Disadvantages of Biogas

Another natural source of energy is biomass or biomass.

What is Biomass?

The term biomass is used for all types of natural waste residues obtained from animals and plants. When biomass decomposes, it produces gases such as methane and hydrogen. This is called biogas.

Which gas is in biogas?

Methane is a very useful gas and can be used as a domestic fuel. Biogas contains methane gas. It is also called gobar gas.

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Let us learn about the process of production of biogas in a biogas plant.

Bio-Gas Plant

Biogas plant is built underground and has inlet and exit tanks. The biomass is chemically decomposed in these banks to produce useful gases.

Slurry Tank

A slurry tank is built over the ground. In which the constituents of biomass are collected, all kinds of animal residues, vegetable residues, sewage and water are put into the slurry tank.

The slurry passes through the inlet to the digester or digester tank.

Digester tank

The digester tank is a sealed chamber and does not contain oxygen. This slurry is now formed and generates biogas. The rate of decomposition depends on the type of residue, the number of bacteria in the tank, and the temperature. The released biogas is collected in the dome of the digester or collapsible tank. It is taken out through pipes and used for various purposes.

Exit tank

The pressure of the biogas pushes the used slurry into the overflow effluent tank. Which is collected and used as manure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BiogasĀ 

Benefits of BiogasĀ 

Methane is an important fuel. Which has high efficiency in it. This can be obtained from biomass. Which is easily available everywhere.

Bio gas production is a safe and efficient method of waste disposal, which provides energy and food.

Disadvantages of Biogas Plant

Bio gas The contaminant gasses generated in a biogas plant can be corrosive.

The rate of gas production is not controlled. Because various parameters converting biomass to bio gas cannot be controlled efficiently.

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