Weight loss Tips: Keep fast for weight loss and Simple rules for fasting

In Hindu society, fasting has been linked to religion, which is a meaningful system. We are used to following the rules of religion right from birth. That is why religion and every belief associated with it are embedded in our blood. When fasting and fasting are considered an integral part of religion, then their importance and utility increase manifold.

The fast can be kept in two ways – one part, the other as a whole. In the first stage, some or one food item is discarded or one-time food is discarded and in the second stage, fasting is done from morning to evening without food and water.

Fasting in the state of obesity has its own importance. First of all, consult the dietician and get information about the food items, whose consumption is prohibited in obesity. It is best to discard such substances from your food forever. Obesity often causes a lot of hunger, so the bulk people eat more and more frequently, due to which their digestion worsens and digestive diseases surround them. Fast is kept to avoid this condition, so that wrong and overeating can be treated properly.


Simple rules for fasting

  1. Fasting or fasting means relaxing the body and expelling the toxic, alien, and harmful elements out of the body, not filling the stomach with the tongue’s taste.
  2. Only those will use fruits, greens, and grains, which are produced in a particular season, not off-season foods, which are kept in cold storage and are devoid of nutrients and freshness.
  3. Renounce a food that is eaten daily on a fasting day, such as salty, sweet, sour, any fruit or vegetable. Try to leave the food items you love most and without which you cannot live.
  4. Take food only when the mind is calm and stress-free, the body is neurological. Never eat food in a hurry, but eat it only by being relaxed.
  5. Never fast in case of a disease. This will lead to loss rather than profit.
  6. Do not fast during the journey, because it is possible that for some reason you have to starve for a long time and the sugar level in the body decreases.
  7. Eat the food slowly by chewing it slowly, never swallow it. By slowly chewing, the food becomes fine and the intake of saliva in it also keeps on equalizing. There will not be any burden on your digestive system and there will be no complaining of the stomach, wind, sour, bitter and bitter belching, pain, etc. due to the fast digestion of food.
  8. Do not lie down after sleeping, nor sleep, but walk for 15-20 minutes. If possible, drink a glass of lukewarm milk before bedtime.
  9. Do not keep fast in a state of anger, excitement, excitement, mental stress, disease, etc.

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