Meditation And Benefits Of Meditation and Types of Meditation

Meditation is an exercise in which you move the mind into a deeply focused state, and that state concentrates and the mind is controlled. Meditation is a mental exercise through which a person attains a higher spiritual level. And makes your life simple and easy, Meditation is also a yoga, but we do it by betting on one place in it, a right place to meditate is very important,
There should be a quiet and clean environment for meditation, like a garden, etc.
And there is also a definite time to do meditation yoga in the morning or evening.
Meditation also has 7 types in which you can do the right thing.

1. Loving-kindness meditation-
In this meditation, its goal is to awaken in the person a feeling of love and kindness toward the person
Doing this meditation reduces anger, frustration, and resentment and increases the feeling of love toward others.

2. Breath awareness meditation –
In this meditation, the center of the mind should be on the breath, as the breath goes in and goes out, so the bad thoughts of your mind should be removed from the body.

3. Body scan or progressive relaxation –
In this meditation, as if you are scannin
g your body with a scanner, your mind should feel innocent, in this meditation, the body does not feel anything and in this meditation, it also gives relief to chronic pain.

4. Mindfulness meditation –
In this meditation, intelligence is improved or its power is increased. In this meditation, the mind has to focus on one point. By doing this meditation, improve memory, improve focus and negative emotions work emotional, act of reducing reactions. Does

5. Kundalini yoga –
                                          In this meditation, by breathing in fast, you raise the mantra and increase energy and mental health is also correct.

6. Zen meditation –
                                            This meditation is a part of Buddhist meditation, it also has to find the right place and focus on the breath.

7. Transcendental Meditation-
                                                                      While doing this meditation, people stay in one place and breathe slowly.

Meditation asks for benefits to our lives and our bodies

Health Benefits –
1. Reduces Back Pain
2. H
elps to Reduce Blood Pressure
3. Strengthens the Immune System
4. Helps
those with Coronary Heart Disease
5. Has a Key Ro
le to Play in Cancer Care
6. Improves Your Memory

Meditation Benefits –

1. Makes You Feel Happier!
2. Reduces Anxiety
3. Reduces Stress
4. Can Reduce Anger

5. Helps with Decision Making
6. Helps in Fighting Addictions

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Jai Hind Vande Mataram

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