In The summer, it adopted diet and maintaining correct your health

In the summer season your body starts dehydrating and weakening because in this season the heat is strong and due to the strong hot winds, your body starts to weaken and all these problems come in front of you in the summer season, so today we have this In the blog, we will tell you what diet to take during the summer so that your body remains healthy and avoid getting sick in the summer. They were rich in nutrients and nutrients, not only nourishes the body but also help to get rid of other health problems and to maintain it, in the summer season, eat more things in the prison, the amount of water in the jail is more and not less If the amount of water in your food is less then you will be at risk of getting dehydrated

Eat this: –
1. Consumption of watermelon is very beneficial in summer because it contains 92 percent water content. In summer it helps to keep the body cool and hydrated. The vitamins A, C and lycopene present in it give plenty of antioxidants which is good for prevention of many diseases.

2. Many nutritious coconut water also cools the body. It contains electrolytes which protect the body from dehydration. It contains very small amounts of fats, cholesterol and chlorite which are beneficial for the body. You have to read more about coconut, how it gives relief to our body in summer so read our coconut post.

3. Mango is not only good in taste, it is also considered good for health. Vitamin A, C, E are found in it, which maintains health. You can also drink milk shake by mixing mango in milk, which gives the body energy Its intake also helps to relieve stroke and fatigue.

4. Lychee contains antioxidants that make the body’s immune system strong. In the summer, the body gets plenty of vitamin A, C and water by eating litchi. It is also beneficial for the skin.

Summer BBQ or picnic food concept. Selection of fruits, salad, grilled meat and potatoes. Top view table scene over a white wood background.


And now we tell you some things that you do not have to eat in summer because eating them can cause great harm to your body.

  • To avoid heat, do not eat too much fried, malacid food, because it is more difficult for the stomach to digest such food.
  • Stay away from overeating.
  • Stay away from caffeine as it increases dehydration.
  • Do not eat stale food during summer season. There is a fear of food poisoning.
  • Avoid eating junk food, processed and packaged food.
  • Avoid consumption of meat and fish, as it takes a long time to digest protein in summer.
  • Do not eat ice cream in summer, because ice cream is hot rather than cold. It warms the body instead of cooling it

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