How to stop hair fall and which oil best for your hair and When to apply this oil to hair: Tips for Hair

Hello Friends, Today we will talk about how to prevent hair fall and which oil is best for your hair and when to apply this oil in your hair: Tips for hair and how you can stop your hair fall. And which oil will be best for your hair.

Hair care needs to be done to keep the hair good. And at the same time, there is also a need to select hair oil and good shampoo for good nutrition in them. If you are losing more than 100 hairs throughout the day, then it can be a problem of hair loss. Many types of oils come in the market, then we do not know which oil we should take or not.

Let us know how to use oil and shampoo in hair.

Hair tips that will keep your hair healthy

We must take good care of our hair to keep it healthy because hair is very important in this modern age because it is your personality and your identity from the hair itself. Scattered hairs spoil your personality but it is not that scattered hairs spoil your personality but it does not look right to many people.

  1. You should tie your hair well. Tying too fast or pulling your hair can cause headaches and may also cause hair loss. So whenever you are tying your hair, make sure that it is not too tight.
  2. To keep your hair healthy and silky, you should do conditioner once a week.
  3. To keep your hair healthy we have to use good shampoo
  4. If you want to keep your hair healthy then you will have to use hair dryer less because it causes hair loss. The reason for this is that too much hot air can damage your hair.
  5. If you want to keep your hair healthy, then massage it well with oil.
    Because oil massage gives hair nutrition .
  6. Comb hair comfortably

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Home remedies to prevent hair loss

If your hair starts falling at an early age or is losing hair due to some reason, such as due to some disease or taking medicines, it can also cause hair loss and people who already have some hair fall in their family. They can also fall due to heredity. Lets stop the falling hair

you have to change the routine

  1. Do not comb several times a day, by doing this your hair can get tangled in the comb and your hair can break.
  2. Applying too much oil causes dandruff in the head, causing hair loss.
  3. After bathing, rubbing the head with towels vigorously breaks hair. So after bathing, you do not have to use weighing too hard.
  4. Pulling and tying the braid can break hair.
  5. Repeatedly making hair hairstyles with your hands can also cause you to fall hair.
  6. Wet hair causes hair loss due to excessive use of hair dryer.

Oil to prevent hair fall

  1. Onion oil will stop hair loss
  2. Mustard oil and fenugreek
  3. coconut oil

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