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Coconut is an appreciable source of energy. The 100 gm of coconut can cover about 15 to 20 % of the total calories for the day.

In addition to that coconut also provides enough fiber in the diet and is just as effective in stimulating the functioning of the intestines. They also facilitate digestion and the feeling of satiety. Plus, this high fiber content allows fresh coconut to help stabilize blood sugar.


All Supplements of coconut

The consumption of coconut provides a nutritional supplement in form of various minerals and trace elements like iron, manganese, copper, phosphorus, molybdenum, zinc, selenium etc. It has well diversified vitamin composition that includes vitamin B group, vitamin E and A.

It can also be used as flour instead of regular wheat flour and tastes sweeter. It is perfect for a low carb or ketogenic diet. In addition, it has anti-caries properties thanks to its antimicrobial action and on dental plaque.

Coconut is also a good source of potassium, sodium, which helps lower blood pressure. It is also good for people who have trouble staying hydrated. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this water has many health benefits.

health benefits of coconuts

It is a good remedy when you have di ko arrhea because it allows optimal rehydration, especially when diarrhea lasts a little.

Studies have also shown that coconut water has a preventive action against kidney stones. Its consumption in fact significantly reduces the levels of calcium oxalate, creatinine, and urea in the urine (the molecules that cause kidney stones).

Other studies have shown that coconut water can help prevent liver necrosis and “fatty liver” disease.

Researchers have also noticed anti-diabetic activity in coconut water. Its consumption may help regulate blood sugar as well as glycated hemoglobin (the blood marker of diabetes control).

And the list goes on…

That’s why it is regarded as a sacred fruit and is offered to Gods during the practice of worship rituals.


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