Foot stiffness: Washing feet in warm water helps in stiff feet

By immersing the feet in lukewarm water for 5 minutes before going to bed at night, not only fatigue is eliminated, but blood flow in the feet is correct. And the stiffness of the feet is also relieved.
If you are an arthritis patient, by doing this, your swelling also gets relief.
And the bad smell of wearing shoes all day long also protects you.
And if you have a cold, then use ginger juice in a tub filled with hot water, and if you have arthritis, then add cinnamon or black pepper. After this, massage the soles with coconut-mustard oil.


If you have BP and sugar, Avoid immersing your feet in warm water.

People who have low BP can make them unconscious by immersing their feet in warm water.
Diabetic patients should also avoid this. Many times their veins become numb so hotness is not detected. The skin may burn. Avoid doing this even after a heavy meal.

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