Organic materials that are made up of proteins act as a bio-catalyst in living cells, called enzymes, and regulate the rate at which chemical reactions proceed without altering themselves in the process. The enzyme does not participate in the chemical reaction but increases the rate of the reaction.

Enzyme parts
Holo Enzyme =       Apoenzyme  +  Cofector

1. Apoenzyme –
The protein portion that is associated with the concentration and hardness of the holoenzyme is called apoenzyme.

2. Cofactor –
The a-protein part that is transiently attached to the holoenzyme is called the co-factor, this part can be easily joined and separated.

Co-factor is also of three types  –   (i)Prostatic group   (ii)Co-Enzyme  (iii)Activator

History of enzyme
                                              Willie Kuhne gave the term enzyme

  • Eduard Buchner discovered zymase enzyme from yeast cause yeast and was the first discovered enzyme

Characterization of enzyme
 1. Protein nature
                                                                 2. Colloid nature

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