8 Tremendous Benefits of Bitter Neem Leaves (Azadirachta indica) :Health Benefits of Neem

Nature has given a wonderful tree heritage in the form of neem (Azadirachta indica). This tree is a fast-growing evergreen and uneven climate in the dry and semi-arid parts of the Indian subcontinent.The scientific name of Neem is Azadirecta indica. This is a tree of the Magissi clan. In India, it is known by different names in different regions. Nimba in Sanskrit, Neem in Hindi, Kadu Nimba in Marathi, Nim Gach in Bengal, Limdo in Gujarat. It is also called Vape in Telugu, Wade Babe in Kannada and Veeppa in Malayalam, Margosa in English, and Azad Darkht-e-Hind in Persian.

It has gained worldwide fame due to its amazing properties and herbal products made from it. Neem fruits mature between May and July.
Mainly planted through seeds. It can grow in all types of lands dry, rocky, sandy, shallow, deep, or smooth.

Neem is a tree with many properties. All the benefits of its organ i.e. leaves, fruits, bark, juice, etc. are used as medicine.

Neem has been used for many centuries, but some things are unknown to today’s generation. They have to understand its importance.


Benefits of Neem (Azadirachta indica)

  1. Beneficial for hair
  2. Beneficial in herpes
  3. Beneficial in joint pain
  4. Benefits of neem in pyorrhea
  5. Beneficial in constipation
  6. Apply neem leaves on a scorpion bite
  7. Beneficial in summer
  8. Beneficial in diarrhea
  • Beneficial for hair

    Boiling neem leaves and applying them on the hair after cooling provides relief in hair fall and pimples occurring in the head. Massaging the fingers with neem oil in the roots of hair destroys lice and nit.

  • Beneficial in herpes

    Grind neem leaves with curd and apply on the ringworm, it cures ringworm.

  • Beneficial in joint pain

    Massaging neem oil provides relief from joint pain.

  • Benefits of neem in pyorrhea

    Boiling neem leaves in teeth diseases, especially pyorrhea, is cooled and chewed. Neem twigs have been used as nations since ancient times.

  • Beneficial in constipation

    Put neem flowers in hot water and mash them. Drink this water at bedtime. Constipation is eliminated. Stomach worms die by mixing their soft leaves with honey or taking it with black pepper.

  • Apply neem leaves on a scorpion bite

    Grinding neem leaves and applying them on scorpion bites provides relief.

  • Beneficial in summer

    Mixing sugar candy in neem copal juice and drinking it for a week in the morning and evening provides relief from the heat. Grinding Pachang of neem on the soles reduces irritation.

  • Beneficial in diarrhea

    Grind dry leaves. Mixing sugar in it and eating it would help.

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