5 Tea Reduces Weight

Most people in India start their day with tea, start their day. Indians love drinking milk tea. People drink four to five cups of milk in 1 day, which is why people get gas. There is also the problem of bloating and weight gain, but we are going to tell you about five such teas that will reduce your weight, let’s know about them ……..

Black tea
                      To make black tea, first of all, you put a cup of hot water in the pan, then add a spoon of leaves to it, then let it boil well and after a while, pour it in the cup and drink it, it contains a small amount of caffeine. It is good for the body. a study has shown that the amount of polyphenols in black tea that reduces fat from the body. removes fat from the stomach and does not allow fat to grow.

Green tea
                        Green tea is very helpful in burning fat, a natural phenol anti-oxidant from a plant called catechins is in green tea and it is very helpful in burning fat, besides drinking green tea does not cause allergies in the body. Exercise can be done for a long time as well as lose weight.

Oolong tea
It is a Chinese traditional tea. This tea is made from a plant called Kamina synopsis. Black and green tea is also made from this plant. A combination of green tea and black tea makes tea here. Lose bodyweight by consuming this tea. And also control diabetes and BP.

White tea       
Perhaps you have heard the name of white tea for the first time, there are many benefits of health by consuming white tea daily, as well as weight loss, white tea is made from the new leaves and buds of the plant, it increases metabolism. Increasing body. fat is easily reduced, as well as prevents fat cells in the body. not only that, but it also keeps hunger under control. There are properties that detox the body.

Herbal tea
Herbal tea spices are made by drying herbs and fruits. Consuming herbal tea has many benefits in the body, along with weight loss, fat loss also makes herbal tea.

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Jai Hind Vande Mataram

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